Tired Of That Shoot Em Up, Over The Top, I’m a Turn It Up Rap…Then You Are Going To Love This New Artist! Real Hip Hop Still Lives!

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Listen to what others are saying about Matthias aka “Mr. 16 Bars”

Matthias "Mr. 16 Bars"BEAT TAPE CO-OP BLOG – “Taking hip hop back to the essence of beats and rhymes, this album gives you a glimpse of life as a soldier and the struggles of growing up in the inner city streets. The Illmatic of today!”    

BLOCKDYMEZ, TheBlockEleven.com – “Other artists are just content with being entertainers, while an artist, such as Matthias, wants to challenge people as individuals with the hope to bring the best out of them!”

PHILADELPHIA LIFE MAGAZINE – “War veteran turned hip-hop artist Matthias aims to elevate Philly’s Music Scene”

CBS 3 PHILLY – “Philadelphia Veteran Using Music To Help Self and Others”

Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the “bling”, before the pimp swagg, before the music got lost in the image. Remember the Hip-Hop that was an instrument of social change?  If you yearn for that kind of nostalgic music like the one I just described—let me introduce you to Matthias aka “Mr 16 Bars”.

Matthias’s lyrics has captured the attention of critics around the world. His soulful delivery and knack for melodies, mixed with witty wordplay, makes his album the perfect choice for a hungry hip hop listener. You will not be disappointed by his flow and ultimately moved by his honesty as he talks about his experiences as a soldier and growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia.

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